About Me

Hello! Im Tatiana,
I am a busy mama to THREE wild boys! They keep me on my toes all the time, they drive me wild, but most of all they are my muse and the reason I do what I do! I love the outdoors, and nothing makes me happier than afternoons spent on the beach with a killer sunset!
Pink and orange skies make me happy.
I am a massive coffee drinker (Soy caramel latte please!), veggie lover & all round good time enthusiast.
I am engaged to my dream man Cassidy, he makes me laugh until I cry and cry til I laugh.
He also is my biggest supporter and motivator, and to be honest I probably wouldn’t have this business if it wasn’t for him.
We live in beautiful port stephens and make the most of the nature around us here, this small town is pretty beautiful! If your around, I would love to make magic with you!
Feel free to stalk me further on my personal insta account below, mostly photos of my boys in cute clothes!