First of all, thank you so much for finding your way here. Whether you have been recommended from a friend, found me on social media, or searched your way through seemingly hundreds of photographers to find your way here, I am so grateful for the chance to connect with you.

This guide is here to help you get to know me a little more and understand what the experience of working with me is like. In viewing this guide, I hope you feel that little spark shine brighter as you read about how incredible your experience has the potential to be. I want to be sure we have the same vision for your session so you are left with both beautiful memories and timeless images that you will cherish forever.

My work is about creating a feeling, telling a story and gifting you with art and memories you can look back on for years to  come. 
I will guide you through every aspect of the session. Assisting you with wardrobe, location and the best times to photograph.
Instead of heavy posing, I encourage you to be present in the moment, your time together as a family is genuine, it cannot be staged.

It is important that you take the time to look over this guide so you can get the most out of your images.

About me

I’m Tatiana, the owner and creative behind Tatiana Rose Photography.
I am also a Mama to three beautiful boys & fiance to my amazing partner.
I love photographing weddings & families and I am sure this is what I will be doing forever.
I am absolutely grateful for my job and take on every project with my full heart & soul.


Wardrobe and Style Guide

The most important part of your photos! Seriously, What you wear can really make or break your images…
Let’s just take a deep breath before we begin! The idea of picking out a wardrobe for you and everyone else who will be part of the shoot can seem a little overwhelming. I completely understand and have put together some helpful tips to make selecting outfits easy and enjoyable.

Remember cards in the 90’s where everyone would wear blue jeans and white t-shirt? That’s exactly what we want to avoid here. It’s best to try to coordinate your outfits by color palette and try to avoid matching.

1. Stick with neutral colors - avoid fluorescent or really bright colors.I suggest sticking to: Browns, Beige, White, black, Yellow, Burnt orange, deep red! Scroll through my instagram and you will see that all my lifestyle shoots stick to this color guide.
If were shooting on the beach at sunset, Yellow always pops and looks amazing!

Think about colors that compliment each other.

I like to suggest one or two bold colors per family & no more than One bold pattern per family.

2. Be comfortable -  steer clear of heels or clothing that is too tight. You want to be able to move around and feel good. Usually I will tell you to ditch the shoes!

3. Flowy maxi dresses work beautifully on women and girls - they show so motion and move with you as opposed to staying rigid.

4. No logos or words - stay timeless by avoiding words and logos that will date the images.

Consider your surroundings!
If you need some extra help on what to wear, I have put together this pinterest moodboard to help.

It is my aim to capture authentic moments and connections. I do not come to my sessions with a long list of poses and get you to look and smile at the camera. Although, I will take the time to guide you into genuine moments to capture the genuine smiles, booming laughter and soft affections.

Authentic Interactions

As a lifestyle photographer, I am all about taking time to guide you into authentic moments with your loved ones during your shoot. I will not be focusing on the “look-at-the-camera-and-say-cheese” types of images during our shoot. I typically capture a few of these for you, but it is just to capture the more generic posed images one might want for grandparents or relatives, or for more professional use. Truth be told, you’ll only have to look directly into the camera if prompted to do so! I’m here to calm your nerves and I ensure even the most ‘camera shy’ individual will ease into relaxation to capture beautiful moments. I will direct you into pretty light, ask you to walk hand-in-hand, suggest you all tickle the littlest member of your family, or even play ring around the rosy! I will get silly with your kiddos during the shoot and will encourage them to fully unleash their unique personality. I love when families take over after one simple prompt and allow their interactions to unravel honestly. Sitting back and capturing these moments and natural connections happen in front of my camera is my absolutely favorite. While I can guide you, I love watching your personalities mix, and defined characteristics of relationships with each other reveal themselves. Be assured, I also know when to step back in to continue to guide the session, if needed. 

Be yourself

What I really ask from you is that you really allow yourself to be just that-- yourself. I’m not here to make judgements; I’m here to capture you at your most honest self. That’s the version of you your loved ones know and that we are looking to preserve in our session. Please, show up open. Don’t be afraid to love on your babies or your partner as if no one else was there. I want you to laugh wildly, snuggle tightly, slide your fingers affectionately through their hair, tell them with passion and purpose how much you love them, and to keep connecting with your people each and every moment. You will never have to ask “is this okay?” because if it feels natural to you and how you connect with those you are being photographed with, then it is okay with me. Allow yourself to be in the moment as much as possible and enjoy the experience. Silliness and laughter is always welcome, tears of joy and small smiles of love are encouraged.

Outdoor session prep

Preparing for an outdoor session requires a different kind of preparation that indoors. If your session will be at the beach, bring along a swimsuit and a change of clothes in case we decide to have some fun in the water (totally up to you)! For the kiddos, allow them to bring along a favorite toy or two of choice. Maybe a basket to collect rocks or shells in. Try not to censor what they decided to bring along as allowing them to choose a current favorite will help you remember exactly who they were becoming at this moment in time. If there are any other items you’d like to bring, like a blanket to lay on the ground to sit on, a guitar if someone in your family plays, or a favorite picnic snack, have these items all prepared and ready to go before we head out! You may also want to bring along items like insect repellent and sunscreen, just in case!

Lets connect

I don’t know if I can say enough how much of an honor it is to be able to share with you my heart for lifestyle photography sessions; the ability to capture you and your loved ones right where you are at is such a gift to me and the images will be such gifts to you. Connecting with you and brainstorming ideas for your session is half of the fun, so I would love to chat if you have any ideas!

I look forward to hearing from you and bringing your vision to life in images you can hang on your walls that will tell the story of who you are; who you loved, what made your heart spark.

Pricing, prints & products

There’s nothing better than having your images as a physical product that you can hold in your hands or hang on your walls for years to come!
I offer prints, frames and albums as an extra to my services.
Using professional print labs, you are guaranteed perfect color and quality that will last for years to come!

Your lifestyle session includes 60 full resolution images for digital download.
After your session, I will send you an online gallery with 80+ edited images for you to choose from.
You can purchase extras:
Extra Individual digital images | $15 each
Upgrade your lifestyle package to full album of 60+ images | $400