Motherhood Empowerment Sessions

The motherhood empowerment movement was inspired by world breastfeeding week August, 2018.
That is when I held the first session on Birubi beach, NSW.
I knew I wanted to capture raw breastfeeding images to celebrate this week – and to normalize breastfeeding!
Since we had our first meet up, ive been inspired to continue the movement into other areas of motherhood such as body confidence, stretch marks, ageing... you name it.
This group is Free to join, and the aim is to inspire other mamas to feel confidant and comftorble in their own skin, no matter what Shape, size, color you are! Our bodies are amazing, and have gone through extremes to bring our babies into the world, we should be proud of them!!

The private facebook group is A safe place for us mamas to talk about Motherhood and our own Journeys,
This is also where I organise the sessions and get mamas involved.

Want to be apart of the next session? 

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